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Willa Holland has recently made it back on to Gossip Girl–namely in Eleanor Waldorf’s runway show episode–as a conniving itch plotting to get back at Little J for their last collaboration. One thing I love about Willa Holland is her style. And the fact she’s worked on two of the tweenage shoes that define our […]

The top 3 reasons I envy Lady Gaga: 1.  She shares the type of relationship with Marc Jacobs that takes most people years to attain. 2. Beyoncé has asked Gaga to collaborate with her on her latest single–diva to diva. and now… 3. Gaga will perform on Gossip Girl, the latest show to speak to fashion […]

Looks like it’s time for Chuck to show his true colors.  We all remember Cecily Von Ziegesar’s original Chuck Bass.  He carried a pet monkey named Sweetie, played for both teams, and dressed almost identically to his televised counterpart.  This season TV Chuck will begin to have a lot more in common with Ziegesar’s Chuck.  GG’s new season […]

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