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I’ve been afraid of this girl since her role in 2001’s The Glass House.  But this dress, a creation of Madeline Vionnet, was my ultimate favorite this year.  And that gold filigree belt lends a vintage feel I can’t get enough of.  Leelee Sobieski wore a modified version of the original Vionnet Fall 2011 piece which is equally […]

I was browsing Banana Republic online when I came across Hyoni Kang… Ecstatic!  I literally can’t get enough of this girl.  Plus there’s something so simply chic that happens when Asian models wear Banana Republic.

but how is anyone supposed to wear this bow on any other day besides October 31st? This girl looks like she’s in a Luella runway show.

It’s that time of year again: Deciding which patterned tights to wear has become a chore.  This season’s new peacoat is no longer exciting.  Snow has transformed from fluffy white flurries into a muddy, grimy, icy enemy.   That’s right kids, it’s mid-January. And all I can think about is Spring. Designers are rolling out […]

holidate 2009.


STOP!  Resist a visit to your nearest department store.  Do not click purchase.  Back away from that article showcasing winter footwear.  Take a deep breath and repeat it with me, “I will not buy a pair of over the knee boots.” They may have looked perfect on Anne Hathaway in ‘Devil Wears Prada’ but I’m […]

My debit card better get prepped for an intense workout, because Zara’s going online. Fabulous budget conscious pieces only a click away? I CANNOT WAIT. Zara Adds E- Commerce [BlackBook] Zara is Launching Online Shopping- It’s About Time! [stylelist]