Forever 21: offering clothes to make bad decisions in AND clothes to wear while paying the consequences


It’s undeniable.  Forever 21 is every 15 – 27 year olds go to store for disposable clothing for nights out.  Nights when we might not make the best of decisions.  Sometimes those decisions have repercussions.  One of which is pregnancy. No matter the outcome, Forever 21 is here for your, girl! Forking over wads of cash for maternity gear is irrational, considering its short 9 months max shelf life. With their new line Maternity 21, rest assure stylish and affordable clothes will be available for every trimester. 

maternity jeans...SOOO TRENDY

Teenage girls love Forever 21 because it’s trendy, youthful, and most of all, inexpensive.  So it only makes sense the brand would capitalize on the current teen pregnancy obsession in our country.   The line is only available in “select stores” a.k.a. areas with high teen pregnancy rates.  Hilariously enough, Alaska is included in this category.  It is still experiencing the aftershock of the Bristol Palin bump, which has caused confusion between teen pregnancy and socially acceptable behavior.

A company spokesperson states the line was developed to offer  “both stylish and affordable apparel for mothers-to-be. Both Love 21 and Love 21 Maternity are designed for the more sophisticated Forever 21 shopper.”  Love 21 is for fat girls and Love 21 Maternity is for pregnant ones, so I’m not quite sure what this spokesperson meant by the ‘more sophisticated shopper’. 

 The other week, I tried to convince friends that a magazine for pregnant teen moms would be a good idea.  I was even prepared with section ideas, clever taglines, and ad sales. They said it was a tacky, tasteless idea that would never fly in today’s society.  But I’m beginning to think it might just be the next big thing.  We don’t all have to suffer from teen pregnancy.  Someone’s got to benefit.

Apparently Forever 21 Makes Maternity Clothes [NyMag]

One Response to “Forever 21: offering clothes to make bad decisions in AND clothes to wear while paying the consequences”

  1. I agree with your post. I was a teen mom. I am now 25, a wife and mother of 2 boys. A magazine for teen moms would have been great. Most teen moms are alone with no one to turn to.

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