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I was browsing Banana Republic online when I came across Hyoni Kang… Ecstatic!  I literally can’t get enough of this girl.  Plus there’s something so simply chic that happens when Asian models wear Banana Republic.

I just discovered Fashion Chalet‘s Hana Professional Flat Iron giveaway sponsored by, a great resource for hair styling tools.  Gotta support a fellow Carolinian doing her style thing.  Check out Erika’s blog where you can enter for the straightener (that Breast Cancer awareness shade of pink is irresistible). The giveaway is this weekend!

Spring is upon us.  For me, the most appetizing part of Spring is packing up that winter wardrobe.  It’s March and I am so tired of my winter clothes I could just about, well, die.  Needless to say, when the weather started getting warmer, I was the first girl to break out the denim cutoffs. […]

tried to by gaga tickets for the garden show july 7th. no luck. lady G, you’re a hard girl to get a hold of but I’m not ready to give up yet. wish me luck!

Finally.  Gaga and Beyonce’s ‘Telephone’ video debuts.  The only thing wrong with this video is…well…nothing. Props to the girls for still putting work into music videos.  Too bad we won’t be seeing it on MTV.  I couldn’t find a music video on that channel if I wanted to.  But I will keep playing this on […]

convince one of my friends to be presented in a sarah seven gown… then borrow it. These gowns by etsy’s Sarah Seven are to die for.  They’re flowy, and light, and airy, and made to order.

The mag industry’s annual loss in readership is no longer a shock.  But a recent nationwide survey by Student Monitor shows male students prefer  Sports Illustrated while the females can’t get enough of Cosmopolitan. With all the other great fashion/lifestyle mags out there, I’m so sad to hear the female population would rather read pieces […]