Cosmo #1 the most popular ladymag among college women? duh.


The mag industry’s annual loss in readership is no longer a shock.  But a recent nationwide survey by Student Monitor shows male students prefer  Sports Illustrated while the females can’t get enough of Cosmopolitan. With all the other great fashion/lifestyle mags out there, I’m so sad to hear the female population would rather read pieces titled ’75 Crazy Hot Sex Moves’ or ‘Why Men Love Bad Girls’ instead of social commentary in Vanity Fair or a great profile piece on Michelle Obama.

Cosmo will put any celebrity on their cover.  Think Ashley Tisdale, Fergie and Whitney Port. Don’t get me wrong, the elite fashion mags have featured celebs on their covers for almost a decade now but mags like Vogue stick with more meaningful cover girls like Tina Fey and Jennifer Hudson.  Of course Vanity Fair had that Miley Cyrus mishap but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Snookie on next month’s Cosmo cover.

Personally, my favorite zines are Vanity Fair for culture commentary, Lucky for everyday style, and V Magazine for music… most of which Cosmo severely lacks.  If I was on staff at Cosmo, I’d find a way to sneak in something of substance while staying on top of every campus store circuit.  Good luck, Cosmo editors.

College Guys Read Sports Illustrated, Women Prefer Cosmo [Jezebel]
Survey: Frat Bros Sports Illustrated,  Sorority Girls Read Cosmo [Mediabistro]


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