it’s in the bag


A handbag is more than just leather, nylon, and straps–a handbag speaks miles about its wearer.  That’s why every time my style changes drastically, a new school year starts, or I move to a new city, I buy a new handbag.  Because beyond serving as a place to stash my personal goodies, the bag I carry also serves as a silent commentary on me as an individual.

I can’t go a day without seeing a fellow 20 something carrying Vera Bradley, Vineyard Vines, or Longchamp–bags that have become like a uniform for women under 30.  Though it is easy to fall back on these commonplace brands, I like to see the quest for a new handbag (as shallow as it

might sound) as a search for a bag that defines how I want passersby to see me at first glance.

Designers are always looking to create that one handbag every woman will lust over for the next

season or even a lifetime.  Remember Chanel’s 2.55, a bag that hasn’t changed its design since its 1955 debut? Or Hermès’ Birkin bag for which the wait list never stops short of 3 years?  These bags revitalized the female shoulder.  And any women seen carrying one instantly receives a certain amount of credibility from their peers.

This post marks the beginning of my quest for a bag that fits my ideals. I want a bag that represents the music I like, the film stars I admire, the genre of literature I prefer.  I also want this bag to be simple but loud, a sort of understated elegance.  There’s something to be said about showing you’re sexy and saying you’re sexy.  Like the difference between Anne Hathaway and Kim Kardashian.  Wish me luck!

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