Over the knee boots are not for real people.


STOP!  Resist a visit to your nearest department store.  Do not click purchase.  Back away from that article showcasing winter footwear.  Take a deep breath and repeat it with me, “I will not buy a pair of over the knee boots.”

They may have looked perfect on Anne Hathaway in ‘Devil Wears Prada’ but I’m here to let you know the truth: these boots will not look good on you, or me, or anyone else without a stylist.  This footwear was created for working girls and turned into a runway style by designers, most of which do not have the average woman’s figure in mind when creating designs.

So don’t worry, I hear cravings only last 10 minutes.  Read a book, go to the gym, eat a sandwich but whatever you do, please resist the urge to purchase these boots.  You will regret it.

In no way am I trying to discourage all fashion risks, because fashion is risk, I am only trying to be a bit sensible. Because, though you may think these boots will make you look like this:


In reality, you will more likely look like this:

Spl96002_008[2]IMG_0810 (Medium).JPG

One Response to “Over the knee boots are not for real people.”

  1. 1 Alia

    yeah i wear knee highs all the time and look like on the runaway but then again people say i should be a stylelist all the time maybe i will in the future haha probaly got the skills from mom. but yeah people scew it up all the time.

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