NY 2010 RTW S/S Fashion Week Wrap-Up


As all great things must,  September’s Fashion Week has come to a close. And all of us fashion goers have been left with an epic dilemma: What did we like? What didn’t work? Which pieces will we be saving up to buy next Spring? When will Kelly Rowland realize she’s not the next Heidi Klum?

We’re safe for now. With sweaters, boots, and coats already making their way out of the closet, the next few months will see nothing but cold weather.  But when March rolls around who will you be wearing? Read on for my loves this Fashion Week.

Alexander Wang

Sweatpants usually scream, “I hate my life and I’ve chosen to express that hate by wearing these pants, therefore abandoning all of my self-respect.” But Alexander Wang has cornered the market on, dare I say, chic sweatpants.  I can’t wait to lounge around in one of these.



Marc by Marc Jacobs

Oh Marc, you can do no wrong.  Your boyfriend is gorgeous. You’re the only man who can seriously rock a skirt.  His latest collection = love, pure love. If MIA and Zooey Deschanel collaborated on a line, this would be it. It’s quirky, and full of prints, and neon, and youthful, and modern in all the right places.  And all of the looks are completely wearable. I know it’s cliche to like Marc by Marc but I love it.


A Détacher

I’ve recently decided my closet could use more florals.  The print is timeless and looks great in the Spring.  Consequently, Detacher’s latest collection was the perfect summation of the ideal Spring fabrics.  Can’t wait to get my paws on these gorgeous flowing florals. Photos courtesy of [NYMag]

5a détacher

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