“this is for god… and the gays.”


mtv-vma-2009-nominees.0.0.0x0.400x276Last night was the epitome of everything that is awesome and awful about MTV.

Madonna made us want to switch back to Entourage.  Katy Perry proved she can fist pump like no other. Russell Brand shared his political opinions about a country he can’t even vote in. Lady Gaga wore the most restricting couture known to man. Kanye reestablished his position as the biggest asshole in the history of hip hop. Asher Roth came disguised as a butler. And Beyonce got more close ups than the actual stage.

Kudos to Kanye West for saying exactly what the rest of us were thinking.  You can catch me belting T Swift’s “Love Story” as loud as the next girl.  But she’s the last artist I would ever expect to be awarded for musical talent.  I mean, the entire Fearless album was written word for word from my junior high diary.  Nonetheless, it was rude of Kanye.  Oh Kanye, you continue to surprise us while living up to our expectations just the same. I wonder if Amber Rose was embarrassed? From the looks of the skin-tight snakeskin body suit she wore, she appears to be impossible to fluster.

Beyonce was extremely gracious to ask Taylor Swift back on stage.  I couldn’t imagine winning the biggest award of my life and having it muddied by a colleague/major asshole.  Beyonce has an unspeakable amout of VMA’s under her belt anyway.  Sharing the VMA spotlight is no issue for her. As an ode to Fosse and Gwen Verdon, it’s no question that “Sing Ladies” will forever be a classic music video. Next year Taylor Swift’s “You Belong to Me” will be forgotten.

Lady Gaga has my heart.  Her feathered horns.  Her JP Gaultier mask.  Her piano playing. I just can’t get enough.  Her hair may be pink, but I’m never bored. Never.

All in all, the 2009 VMA’s were a crazy crazy shit show.  Which is exactly what I’ve come to expect from MTV nowadays.  It’s funny, the last time MTV showed Michael Jackson that much love, it held much greater t respect in the world of music.

VMA 2009: Full Fashion Recap [MTV]

Kanye West Ruins Taylor Swift Speech to Compliment Beyonce [thinkfashion]


lady-gaga-90714930 lady-gaga-vmas-02

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