I die every time I see a commercial for the new Rachel Zoe Project.


Get it?

Shakespeare almost had it right but not quite. Waiting is such sweet sorrow. Forget parting. And this week has been the hardest.  With the new Project Runway and the Rachel Zoe Project debuting within four days of each other, I refuse to think of anything else.  I am a self proclaimed Bravo whore.  I found Runway’s switch to Lifetime was more difficult to stomach than mother’s meatloaf but it remains enviably watchable.  Snaps to Ari Fish, the first designer aufed.  I too enjoy the random headstand. But her quirkiness was remeniscient of season four’s Elisa Jimenez (minus the tendency to spit on fabric) so she had to go. Still, I’d buy one of Fish’s crazy print jumpsuits anyday.

Monday’s Rachel Zoe premiere speaks volumes for the fashion world and it’s anti-decadence movement.  In a recession stylists are often forgotten.  Kudos to Zoe for remaining relevant.  Unfortunately, she has lost one major client to the show (Debra Messing) but she’s gained an entire TV following.

Many feel another season of Zoe is redundant (you can only watch her dress, accessorize, and shrink so many celebrities).  But there’s still those of us who do care about the process that went into choosing Anne Hathaway’s Oscar gown or how Zoe’s closet continues to grow even in this economy.

The difference between Project Runway and the Rachel Zoe Project is that one is about creation while the other focuses on assembly.  Each has its own challenges.  But as much as  I adore Rachel Zoe, there’s a little more to be said about creating a piece of clothing out of recycled goods than throwing a Rodarte frock and Charlotte Ronson booties on Lindsay Lohan.

Rachel Zoe Trademarked ‘I Die’ and ‘Bananas’ [NYMag]

Project Runway: Tender Tim Makes Everything Better [Jezebel]

Meet Season 6 Designers of Project Runway [YouTube]

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