500 days of summer: Offbeat comedy, on beat costume design


Last night I saw 500 Days of Summer.  It was refreshingly told.  The low key humor in Summer (Zooey Deschanel) was adorable.  When we meet her she was all too stuck in her idea of love and its nonexistance.  By the end of the film she found the exact relationship experience she thought was impossible.  Even if if (spoiler alert!) it didn’t include Tom (Jason Gordon-Levitt), I was still really happy leaving the film.  But one other thing I loved about Deschanel’s character was her wardrobe.  For such a grounded character, her clothing was so dreamy.  Her entire palette was built around the color blue.  Each item was airy and retro-classic, almost remeniscient of Zooey’s personal style.  Her peter pan collars and pleated pants were fitting for the offbeat humor of this comedy. It made office wear look fun.

The costume designer for this film, Hope Hanafin, has designed for films including A Painted House, Because of Winne Dixie, and the television series Lincoln Heights.  For 500 Days of Summer Hanafin chose pieces that looked like something Summer could afford.  Keds and thrift dresses were chosen to give the character a more realistic feel.  Some pieces were so versatile they can be seen twice in the film.  Tom also had a warm feeling to his wardrobe.  He often donned sweater vests at the office.  The romantics of Summer’s love for blue combined with Tom’s  penchant for quirky ties created eye grabbing scenes in which all other charcters melted away and the couple became all that mattered.


office practical



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