Lauren Conrad nixes her clothing line and with it, my dreams.

LC at Kohls

LC's designs for Kohls debut October 2009

If I had to be any reality TV show star, I would be Lauren Conrad.  I envy her progression from Laguna Beach to Teen Vogue intern and most recently, clothing designer. The Lauren Conrad Collection debuted March 2008 at LA Fashion Week.  It was popular among LC lovers but not favorably accepted by fashion critics.  The line consists mostly of tops and dresses made of solid modal jersey. Pieces were deemed uncreative, over priced, and poorly constructed.  In March 2009 Conrad halted production of her line and canceled summer/spring shipments.  Conrad blames her misfortume on the economy, claiming she wants to rethink the line.

In October she’s launching a brand new ling for Kohl’s Department stores called LC Lauren Conrad. 

“I think you’ll love it,” says Conrad on her site, “the LC Lauren Conrad line is California chic and priced right. From $20 to $60 thanks to the wonderful people at Kohl’s. The clothing is casual . . . pure California style.”

I wish LC luck in all her indeavors.  Because if a cute, well recieved reality TV star can’t survive in the fashion world, is there any hope for the rest of us?


Check out Lauren Conrad’s site  for updates

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